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All-Pro Towing is your #1 source for towing in and around Alexandria, LA. We are a professional team with 24/7 emergency response!



About Us

We specialize in towing and recovery. Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road? Ever needed to have your vehicle transported to a mechanic so it could get the work it needed? Call us first for fast service. We provide Local and Out-of-town tows and hauling, we are based out of Alexandria, LA. Give us a call for a quote and for all your towing needs! 

Towing Services

Broken down on the side of the road and in dire need of some help? Maybe you need to move your broken-down car from your driveway to your local auto shop? We work in Alexandria, LA and the surrounding areas!

Wrecker Service

While we are aware that no one ever wants to need wrecker service, we also know that it is necessary in times of extreme duress. We want to help you get through a difficult time by offering reliable wrecker sevice. 

Vehicle Removal

As the property owner or manager, you have the legal right to remove a vehicle from your property that has been left without their permission. Vehicles end up on your parking lot for several reasons such as a mechanical breakdown, the result of a wreck, or in some cases an arrest. 

Towing Services Available in Alexandria, Louisiana

All Pro Towing offers towing services in the Alexandria LA area and beyond. Zip codes that we may be available in are:
71301 | 71302 | 71303 | 71306 | 71307 | 71309 | 71315 | 71409

Towing cost may vary by location. Please give us a call for a quote.

CALL: (318) 321-1008

Why Choose Us

Everything we do here at All Pro Towing & Recovery comes with our world-class commitment to customer care. Our customers are important to us and so are their vehicles. We are Alexandria’s top choice for towing and recovery. That is why we have created a company that caters to the needs of both you and your car because we know how much your car means to you. We love being the first choice of our customers and we will work hard to honor your business. We will show you just how trustworthy and reliable our services are. 


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