Repo Services

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What We Do

We provide quick professional repossession services anywhere in the state of Louisiana! We offer QUICK SNATCH with LPR technology specifically designed for repo!

Our Commitment

We are committed to safely retrieving your collateral and providing a secured storage location to protect your property. We have the most competitive rates, the proper equipment, fully licensed and insured agents, and Tow Operators who will treat your case with the utmost care and respect to ensure a smooth repossession process. Give All Pro Towing a call today to serve all of your Repo needs!

Our Professional Team

The key to a smooth repo job is using the proper equipment at the right time. Our experienced repo team can approach the vehicle, hook the towing apparatus to the car and drive off without ever leaving a trace. Sounds pretty sneaky, doesn’t it? Most of the time, our repo team has to be covert – we understand that not raising any alarm or bringing a lot of attention to ourselves, not only makes our job easier but also makes the client’s life a lot easier.