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Do you have an abandoned or nuisance vehicle on your
property? As the property owner or manager, you have the legal right to remove a vehicle from your property that has been left without your permission.

Nuisance Vehicle Removal

Vehicles end up on your parking lot for several reasons such as a mechanical breakdown, the result of a wreck, or in some cases an arrest. Many local police departments won’t have a vehicle towed from private property if the owner or operator of the vehicle is arrested. After a few days, these vehicles become an eyesore not to mention taking up valuable parking spaces that could be used by your customers, residents, or employees.

Quick Removal Services

If you need a company to remove an eyesore or abandoned vehicle, then give All Pro Towing a call today. We have the right equipment for the job and drivers with the proper training to get the job done quickly. We can educate you on what can and can’t be towed as well as provide the proper signage, warnings, or notifications before towing the vehicle from the property. We are available 24 hours a day for your convenience!